Hawkins, Lazarus Nathaniel

Lazarus Nathaniel HawkinsLazarus Nathaniel Hawkins

Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins was born December 14, 1851 in Marion, Virginia.  His parents were William Hawkins and  Lucretia Theresa (Triccie) Snotgrass Hawkins.  The only further information I have on Lucretia Snotgrass is that she was born December 26, 1825 in North Carolina according to Marshall Hawkins book “Family Group Sheets” 1995  version.


Papa (Gordon) told me that his “Grandpa Hawkins had only one eye.  He said a stork plucked it out.  Grandpa Hawkins cussed like a auctioneer.  He was a little short guy.  He wore a black hat.  I was riding in a wagon one time, hooked up to a big huge stud horse he used to breed.  I was in the, I was just a little bitty kid, he said, ‘Git up big un!’ So I said, ‘Git up big un’ and he said  ‘You just shut up.  I’ll drive this team.’ I never said no more! (Gordon said chuckling)”

Lazarus died June 23, 1934 in fort Cobb, OK.


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