Hawkins Courtney, (Charlottie, Charlotte, Chalottie) Lottie Icenith

Lottie Icenith Hawkins Courtney

(aka. Charlotte, Chelottie, Charlottie)

Lottie was born in Alum Well Tennessee on 11/3/1878.

Charlotte Icenith (Lottie) Hawkins Courtney
Charlotte Icenith (Lottie) Hawkins Courtney

Lottie’s parents~

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Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins and Rachel McFarland HawkinsLazarus Nathaniel Hawkins, Rachel McFarland Hawkins

Lottie’s parents: Rachel Mc Farland and Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins

Rachel and Lazarus were  married September 8 1872 in Rogersville Tennessee.

Courtney Berg Family Photos14

Lottie married John Courtney in Rogersville, TN on September 15, 1898

John , Etta Mae, and Lottie Courtney
John , Etta Mae, and Lottie Courtney

They had a total of 8 children.  Washington, Clarence, Etta Mae, Gordon and his twin who died at birth,  Ada Ruth,  Altha,  and Donice.

Lottie, John holding Gordon, Clarence, Washington and Etta Mae Courtney
Lottie, John holding Gordon, Clarence, Washington and Etta Mae Courtney

My grandmother Leona said that Lottie was stern and she liked a clean house.  Lottie never learned how to read but when she needed groceries, she’d copy the words off the can and send a list with her husband John.  My grandpa   “I used to run away to my cousin’s house all the time as a kid and when I’d get home, she’d stick my head betwixt ‘er legs and whollop my butt good.  She didn’t spank me, she wore me out n she was a lil bitty thing, 4’9″ tall!”

Lottie Courtney 90th bdLottie died November 25, 1974 in Falfurrias, TX having attained the age of 96.


Lottie’s brothers and sister’s were:  Washington (whose wife was Emma),  Harrison,  Oliver,  Arthur,  William Paul,  Silas,  Palmer,   America (Silvers),   Lillie (Perry),  Ollie (Courtney)

Papa (Gordon) told me that Aunt Lil , Lottie’s sister, married George Epperson who was an outlaw.  Gordon said  George was killed in an ambush.  “He shot Aunt Lil’s shoe to the floor.  He was killed by a black man.  They had to do it so he didn’t know he was gonna get killed.  He was very good with a gun.  He’d kill ya right where ya sit. Too fast with a gun.  Too good a shot.”  Lillie was Gordon and Leona’s witness on their marriage license.  Lillie lived in Turlock and died in Modesto.   I assume Lillie got remarried because her name at death was Lillie Perry.


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