Hawkins, Lazarus Nathaniel – Family Line

Lazarus Nathaniel HawkinsLazarus Nathaniel Hawkins

Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins was born December 14, 1851 in Marion, Virginia.  His parents were William Hawkins and Triccie Snotgrass Hawkins.

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Hawkins Chart Series 2

Hawkins Chart Series 3

So here is the line:

Lottie, Lazarus (1)  Nathaniel, William (1),  Lazarus (2), William (2), John Hawkins (1), Joseph Hawkins, John Hawkins (2) Richard Hawkins 

Lazarus Hawkins (2) is pictured below:

Lazarus Tilley picture
Photo credit Audrey DeCamp Hoffman findagrave.com

The story here is from the Find a Grave website for Lazarus Hawkins:

Birth: 1795
Stokes County
North Carolina, USA
Death: 1875
Hawkins County
Tennessee, USA

Lazarus Hawkins was born in Stokes Co., North Carolina,the son of William Hawkins 1750–1804 and Nancy Tilley 1772–1828. He had four siblings: Elenore “Nelly” Hawkins 1785–1869; Elizabeth “Betsy” Hawkins b.1788; Nancy Hawkins 1800–1865 and Joel Hawkins 1800–1871. After Lazarus his father died, his mother married Jesse Simmons. By an order of the court Jessie became guardian of the five young children she had with first husband.On Dec 31 1816 He married Margaretha Elizabeth “Betsy” Petree, in Stokes Co., NC. Records of their marriage can be found in the county court at Danbury NC. His Bondsman was Henry Petree. She was the daughter of Johann Henrich Petri and Margaretha Barbara Magdalina ZimmermanThe thirteen children of Margaretha Petree and Lazarus Hawkins were all born in Stokes Co., NC: Alexander Hawkins 1818–1822 and Dolly Hawkins 1819–1822, they died as small children; Willian H. Hawkins 1820–1883, in 1847 he married Lucretia Padgett in Stokes NC., and died in Rogerville, Hawkins Co., TN.; Henretta Hawkins 1821–1822, she died when she was about one year old.; Solomon James Hawkins 1822–1892, on Feb 7 1845 he married Mary James in Stokes Co., N.C. records at County Court in Danbury, NC.; Noah Hawkins 1827–1912, on Nov 17, 1847 he married Elizabeth Padgett in Stokes Co., N.C. bondsman Rewben T Moore, Witness C H Nelson, Bond #000139197, he died in Smyth Co., VA.; Emily Ann Hawkins 1832–1898, On Jan 6, 1860 she married William M. Price in Hawkins Co. TN. she died in Hawkins Co.; Eleanor J. Hawkins 1834–1870. On Feb 9, 1861 she married Issac Mayfield in Hawkins Co., TN.; Elizabeth J. Hawkins 1837–1865, On Jul 11 1859 she married Samuel M Green; Helen 0r Ellen Hawkins 1837; John C. Hawkins or Joel 1839–1871, he married Louisa Ann Shanks; Roman McNeal Hawkins 1844–1921, on Dec. 23, 1877 he married Mary Jane Harrell in Hawkins Co, TN, He is buried in the Tulare, CA cemetery.; Lazarus Fountain Hawkins 1847–1842;Before the 1850 census they, and their children still at home moved to rural Marion, Smyth Co. VA. Their married sons, William H. Hawkins, his wife Trecy and two children, Elizabeth and Oliver Washington, and his newly married son, Solomon James Hawkins and wife, Mary also moved to rural Marion, Smyth Co VA. There, they all lived as neighbors. They all attended the St. Clair’s Bottom Church. One sad day in the year of 1855, the family gathered at the church for the funeral service of their dear beloved Wife, Mother and Grandma, Margaretha Elizabeth “Betsy” Petree Hawkins. She was buried in the Churchyard Cemetery.Before the 1860 census most of the family had moved to Hawkins Co., TN, near Rogersville. Lazarus was 75 and only had two children at home, Roman 14 and Ellen 4, but by the 1970 census he had remarried to Polly Ann Helton a spintser from Rogersville.Lazarus died at the home of one of his sons, Roman McNeil Hawkins in 1875 in Persia, Hawkins, Tennessee. He was buried in the Persia Cemetery #15.

         General William Hawkins           (father of Lazarus Hawkins)

Birth: Oct. 5, 1750
Baltimore County
Maryland, USA
Death: Apr., 1824
Campbell County
Virginia, USA

*William Hawkins
Born Md.?
Born ca 1742/1750
son of John and Mary (Simpkins) HawkinsNOTE FROM RESEARCHER
William Hawkins
In the Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911
Name: William Hawkins
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1750
Birth Place: Saint Thomas, Baltimore, Maryland
Father’s Name: John Hawkins
Mother’s name: Mary
FHL Film Number: 14450
His birth date is listed in the St Thomas Episcopal Church Register in Surry Co., NCFROM: Audrey DeCamp Hoffman (#46783896)(Thanks)Lived in VaMarried Miss LittleberryMay have died in Va or in Surry Cty NC
Believed to be buried in a family cemetery now lost on their land. No markers.Children
Benjamin who moved to NC
James who moved to NCNOTES
supplemental information on the early Benjamin Hawkins family of Buncombe County,
submitted by Dexter T Hawkins, R.R. #1, Box 18, Noble, MO 65715GENERAL WILLIAM HAWKINS (1750-1804)
William Hawkins was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, the son of John and Mary (Simpkins) Hawkins, on October 5, 1750, according to the register of St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church. Was in Surry Co., NC. (Stokes, 1789) by the 26th of October 1772 where he started his settlement of 200 acres of land.

He joined the North Carolina Militia troops in the Revolutionary War, Upper Salisbury District. Received for his war effort, the following from North Carolina:
Cash, one pound silver. No.1291; 13th of October 1783, Land grant of 200 acres, #506; [This first grant was in Surry County, NC., signed by Governor Alexander Martin.]

10th of July 1899, 1and grant # 117, 3.510 acres in Western District of NC (Tennessee). signed by H. Rutherford, D.S.

The Tennessee land was on the South Fork of Forked Deer River near present day Dyersburg, TN.

His first wife is believed to be 1 Jemima Brittain.
They had three sons.

William married (2) Nancy Tilley about 1789, and they had five children.

He left a non-cupative will. [Stokes Co., 1804] [See Heritage of Stokes County, NC Vol. 2, page 49 1/2,50.] He was buried in Stokes Co., NC.
He died April 29, 1804 being about 54 years of age.

Issue of William, Sr., and Jemima (Brittain) Hawkins:
1.Benjamin Hawkins [on the 1790 census -see page 92-53 in A Lot of Bunkum.] [See also, Heritage of Old Buncombe Co. Vol. I, art.#372, page 225, and material in L/B. Sept. 1991, page 81.] It is believed he may have gone on to Tennessee.

2. James Hawkins, first appears on the 1800 census of Buncombe County. He remained in Buncombe County, until his death.

3. William Hawkins, Jr. V married a Cherokee native american before 1800, should have been in the 1800 census with one son and one daughter. Probably moved to the western district, (Tennessee) by around 1820.

Issue of William, Sr., and Nancy (Tilley) Hawkins:
4. Nelly Hawkins.
5. Betsy Hawkins.
6. Nancy Hawkins
8. Lazarus Hawkins.
9. Joel Hawkins.

Sources: Barnes, Robert W.,: Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759; copyright 1989.
US Census Bureau H252.
Vol.XIII No. 7 July 1982, p 92-61

Pioneers are buried at Biltmore Estate
By Dorothy Gillum Bryant
June 3, 2007 12:15 am

Benjamin Hawkins (1762¡V1827) of present Biltmore Estate and James Hawkins (about 1770¡V1829) of Turkey Creek, were early pioneers in Buncombe County and qualifying ancestors for First Families of Old Buncombe since they were here by 1800.

L. Holt Felmet Jr. gives credit to the late Asheville resident Sidney Hawkins for finding the lineage of Benjamin Hawkins.

Using the names that Benjamin Hawkins gave his sons proved to be the vital link.
One of these names was Littleberry, which was the maiden name of the wife of a William Hawkins in Virginia.

Using this clue Sidney Hawkins found the family Bible and last will and testament of William Hawkins in Campbell County, Va.
In that will, William leaves money to sons named Benjamin and James.

Longtime researcher Dorothy Hawkins, widow of Sidney E. Hawkins, had already come to believe that the Benjamin and James Hawkins found in early Buncombe County were brothers based on her research of court records.
She also discovered that Benjamin Hawkins of Buncombe County had used the same names for his sons as the William Hawkins did in Virginia.

Recently, a Hawkins DNA project has shown that, indeed, James and Benjamin were descended from a common ancestor because of the matching DNA of their male descendants. While DNA cannot determine that they were brothers, other evidence points to that fact.

Benjamin Hawkins was an important figure in early Buncombe County.
In Sondley’s History of Buncombe County, North Carolina,¡¨ he is named as one of three commissioners appointed to contract with workmen to erect the necessary public buildings in the new county.

Benjamin and his wife, Hannah (her maiden name is thought to be Chambers), had 13 children. Twelve of these children lived to adulthood and, of these, 10 migrated to Georgia.

The two oldest, Mary (1790 ¡V 1844) and John
(1792 ¡V1818), stayed in North Carolina.
Mary married Robert Murray and John married Mary aka Polly Smith.

Both Holt Felmet and Sidney Hawkins descend from
Benjamin Hawkins through his son, John.

Tradition says the pioneer James Hawkins married the daughter of a William Forster who gave land for the Newton Academy.
Benjamin’s children were educated in this school.

The Hawkins burying ground is one of five known burying grounds on what is now the Biltmore Estate.
In 2004, 75 people attended a ceremony to dedicate a large marker at the graves of Benjamin and Hannah Chambers Hawkins.

Their children are listed on the marker. The descendants who had gathered at the ceremony thanked The Biltmore Co. ¡§for all of their efforts to preserve the rich history of the early pioneer settlers who lived on the lands that are now under their stewardship.

There is an annual Hawkins family reunion. For more information, contact Retha Reece at 628-9867 or k_rreece @bellsouth.net.


John Hawkins

Birth: unknown
Death: unknown, USA

*John Hawkins
Born unknown ca 1799-1730
Parents unknownMarried MaryChild
1 William
William Hawkins in the Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911
Name: William Hawkins
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 5 Oct 1750
Birth Place: Saint Thomas, Baltimore, Maryland
Father’s Name: John Hawkins
Mother’s name: Mary
FHL Film Number: 14450
His birth date is listed in the St Thomas Episcopal Church Register in Surry Co., NC
from Audrey DeCamp Hoffman (#46783896)

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