Ivy Britton, Reta

Reta Ivy Britton –>Viola Glaesman Ivy Rich–>Jacob Glaesman –> Johann Glaesman —->August Glaesman

Born Reta Bernice Ivy November 21, 1952 in Vernon, Texas.

Graduated from Cordell High School,  Cordell Oklahoma May 1971.

Hobbies:  Geneology and crafts.

Occupation: Waitress, factory worker, maintenance for Cordell schools.

Married May 23, 1970 in Dill City, Oklahoma

Spouse:  Roger Neal Britton

I was born in Vernon Texas. when my father passed away we moved to Cordell, Oklahoma and have been here ever since. Married in May of 1970. Graduated from high school in 1971, very hard year for me being married, going to school and working nights and weekends. Daughter was born in Nov. 1971. Worked in factories for 20 years and worked at the elementary school in maintenance for 21 years. I am retired now. My favorite hobbies are genealogy, gardening, crocheting and any kind of craft from painting to making jewelry.
I worked in manufacturing plants, made curtains, bedspreads, ruffled shams, and comforters, I did it all, even pleated curtains. I was a utility operator, so where ever they needed me that is what I did. Woodwork cut it on a band saw painted it and sold a lot of them  I also made rabbits and teddy bears to sell, sold a lot of them to make extra money






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