Glaesman Schultz, Renetta (Nettie)

Nettie Glaesman
Renetta Glaesman Schultz photo credit Reta Britton


Nettie and Katie were very close as sisters go.  My grandma, Leona Berg Courtney, remembers her aunt Nettie very fondly.  Here is a story Leona told about her favorite auntie…

We called mama’s sister Nettie.  Nettie was given a beautiful doll.  The body was soft white leather.  She had jointed legs and arms – and sleepy eyes.  She was dressed in a beautiful dress and she had brown hair.  That was the absolute most beautiful doll ever.  I was not allowed to play with it.  Nettie was not a little girl anymore.  She was my idol.  She had several boy friends.  I remember very well what I did to Henry Penner.  He came to see her.  They were sitting outside on the porch.  My mother tried to entertain me so I would leave them alone, at least that is what I think now.  Mother took a string and ran it back and forth through a two holed button.  When she pulled gently back and forth the button went buzz buzz.    I was so excited I ran to show aunt Nettie.  I stumbled as I went through the screen door, the button string all wound up in Henry’s hair.  His hair didn’t look the same after they cut the string out.




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