Glaesman, Johann (John)

Johann (John) Glaesman  

Notes from Reta Britton:

Born April 24, 1867 in South Russia, and died July 14, 1956 in Reedley, CA.  He married Maria Friesen January 16, 1888 in Russia.   Maria died  November 11, 1915.

Johann remarried to Regina Helena Berg on August 17, 1921 in Cordell, Oklahoma.  Regina was born December 11, 1852 in Krebsfelde, Prussia and died October 23, 1943 in Tulare County, CA.   






John Glaesman arrived at Ellis Island on July, 30, 1902.  The Manifest for Konigne Luise, sailing from Bremen listed the Glaesman family but for some reason their names are marked out.  This is how they were listed in the manifest;

Johann Glassman, M, 35, Russia, Welikotsy

Maria Glassman, F, 36, M, Russia, Welikotsy

Katherina Glassman, F,11, S, Russia, Welikotsy

Johann Glassmann, M, 9, S, Russia, Welikotsy

Heinrich Glassman, M, 7, S, Russia, Welikotsy

Gustav Glassman, M, 1, S, Russia, Welikotsy

Also arriving on the same ship s John Glaesman’s sister Pauline Glaesman Kroeker, with Pauling is her husband Jacob Kroeker and their family.  The following is how they were listed in the same ship Manifest;

Jakob  Kreker, M, 38, M, Russia, Alexanderas

Paulina Kreker, F, 33,M, Russia, Alexanderas

Katherina Kreker F, 11, S, Russia, Alexanderas

Jaakob Kreker M, 9, S, Russia, Alexanderas

Johann Kreker M, 7, S, Russia, Alexanderas

Franz Kreker M, 4, S, Russia, Alexanderas

Susanna Kreker, 2, S, Russia, Alexanderas

Heinrich Kreker , 1, S, Russia, Alexanderas

For some unknown reason John Glaesman and his family did not enter the United States at Ellis Island, they entered at Galveston.

The Galveston Passenger Lists, 1896-1948 lists Johann Glasmann arriving on August 22, 1902. Age: 35 years, Birth 1867, Gender: Male, Port of departure: Bremen, Germany, Ship Name, Frankfurt, Port of Arrival: Galveston, Texas, Friend’s Name, E. Heinrich, Last Residence: Walikokojas Scheskoje.  It also lists Maria, 36, born 1866, Johan 9 years, Katharina, 11 years, Heinrich age 7 years, Gustav age 1 year 3 months.


Obituary of John (Johann) Glaesman

John Glaesman our father, was born in South Russia, April 24, 1867, and quietly passed away on July 14, 1956 in the “Home for the Aged” at Reedley, California at the age of 89 years, 2 months and 20 days.

He was united in marriage to Mary Friesen in 1888.  To this union were born 10 children of which four have preceded him in death.  Coming to America in 1902, he resided at different places, Oklahoma, Canada, Oregon…but the longest time in the Reedley and Dinuba areas.  It was at Reedley, in November 1915 where it pleased the Lord to take from his life’s companion, leaving his children without a mother.  But the Lord has a balm for every wound.  In Mrs. Regina Berg-Mouldenhauer he found another helpmate with whom he shared joys and sorrows for over 20 years, until her death in 1943, which for the second time left father to walk lonely ways.

Though affiliated with the Lutheran Church from his childhood, he found true life and peace in the Lord Jesus and in fellowship with other believers, who had, at that time, to bear the reproach of Christ when the world termed the “die Frommenn”.  But it was only after the breavementof his dear wife that father was baptized by the Rev. John Berg and received into the Mennonite Bretheren Church at Reedley, California.

Father’s life was a busy life.  For many years he was engaged as a carpenter.  Then his life was like so many others of God’s children, beset with trials and temptations, but he was always clinging to his Savior.  He overcame and others could notice the growth of grace in his declining days.  The last few years, his body endured much suffereing and severe pain.  Operations would not give the desired relief.  How often during this time he would express his longing to go home.  He was overheard to cry in his agony: “No one can help me but God, thou canst.”  He leaves to remember him as their caring father….Mrs. P.W. Berg, Reedley; John Glaesman, Hitchcock, Oklahoma; Henry Glaesman, Reedley; Gus Glaesman, Reedley’ Jacob Glaesman, Cordell, Oklahoma; Bill Glaesman, Reedley.  Besides them there are 28 grandchildren, 51 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.

The Children

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