Glaesman, August

Handwritten by Johann Glaesman
From Leona’s notes

August Glaesman

Reta’s Notes:

Born about 1822.

Married Renatha Dzak.

August and Renatha migrated from Germany to Russia about 1870. Julie’s note: (The handwritten note above states that “Grandfather Glaesman came from Switzerland to Prussia, from there to Russia”  I’m pretty sure this refers to August Glaesman.)

The family history being passed down through the generations, family interview, and family stories all say that August Glaesman was run over by a train in Russia near the Kuban River.   He died about 1874.

Children of August Glaesman and Renatha Dzak are:

John Glaesman Born 4/24/1867, South Russia                                                                             Died 7/14/1956 Reedley CA

Pauline Glaesman Born 1/ 29/1869 Gutehufnug, South Russia                                           Died 1/22/ 1948, Dinuba, CA

Emilie Glaesman B 10/1/1872, Mariupol, Taurida, South Russia

Marie Glaesman, B. Russia Married Mr. Stobbe

Kathrine Glaesman b. Russia; Married Fredrick Henry Mueller



Julie’s Notes:

August Glaesman was married to Renate Schaak.   What I have been told about August Glaesman is that he was killed in a train accident, possibly while in Germany visiting relatives.  I was told he fell on the tracks.  I found the following ancestry page but Reta and I feel that is is not correct or that it is a different line than our August, but the common ancestors are obvious.  

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