Credits:  Much of the Glaesman history has been derived from the story of Jacob Glaesman, things I’ve gleaned from Reta Britton’s biographies in the book she had compiled and shared with me,  and  from the 50th wedding anniversary story of Pete and Katie.  Most of the photos are from Reta Britton,  granddaughter of Jacob Glaesman.

 BergPeter W Berg's parents Gottfried and Elizabeth

Much of the Berg family history is from stories my grandmother collected, research done by a distant common relative named Peter Golbek.  Some photos are from a calendar that Lenora Berg Jones made and the rest are from what my grandmother had left in her collection.


Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins, Rachel McFarland Hawkins

There is an extensive family history done on the Hawkins family and much of my stories came from the work others have posted on the internet, mostly found on


Samuel Courtney, Lidia Brooks CourtneyI found out from an contact on the Courtney side, that the family has ties to a real working castle in England.  You can read about it here:


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