Berg, Eliesebeth Schritt


Elizabeth Schritt Berg

Below you will see some of the stumpwork quilt that I inherited from Leona that was made by Eliesebeth Schritt Berg.    I believe the quilt is made of old wool suit material and stuffed with good old fashioned cotton.  It must weigh 20 lbs.

I remember spending the night on the farm, in the “middle room” that had the water cooler in the window.  It was the room next to mom and papa’s.  They would heat the living room and kitchen with the fireplace but would close the doors on the hall and bedrooms so when you would go to bed it was ice cold inside those sheets.  Then she would drop this blanket of lead on you and it was so heavy you couldn’t hardly move a muscle, not that you would want to, because anywhere you hadn’t touched was still ice cold. 

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