Details are important

“What the son wishes to forget the grandson wishes to remember” 

                                                                                                 -Marcus Lee Hansen


At times, the details of our lives seem insignificant to share and uncomfortable to remember at others.  These details are important to someone.  Maybe someone that hasn’t even been born yet.

One of your grandchildren or great great great grandchildren may want to know someday what you did with your life.  Maybe they want to know how you made fried chicken, or if you wore socks with your shoes or saved someone’s life.  If no one has written these things down, or shared them as a family memory, no one will probably ever know.  It’s fun to learn about our history,  where we came from, who we came from, why we dip our french fries in ice cream, or cock our head sideways when we laugh.

Share your life with any family member who asks.  We are listening.

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