Courtney, Gordon

Gordon Rawleigh Courtney

Born December 7, 1907 in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma
All the pics from the stick 8498This photo was taken by a photographer in an alley in downtown Falfurrias, TX about the early 1930’s.

Gordon Courtney Find a Grave listing


John, Lottie, Lid, kids are Wash and Clarence. I think this was taken in Tennessee

My parents were formerly of Tennessee.  Sometime between 1903 and 1907 they moved to Fort Cobb Oklahoma.  That’s where I was born.

Lottie, John holding Gordon, Clarence, Washington and Etta Mae Courtney

I was born at my parents house in Fort Cobb Oklahoma on December 7th, 1907.  I was born with my twin brother who died at one day old. 

Dad was a farmer. I had two brothers and four sisters.  

My grand parents on the Hawkins side lived near us.  We’d get in the wagon and drive 9 miles to Fort Cobb.  Stay over night.  Come home the next day.  The wagon had a front seat and a back seat.  Horses pulled it.  We went to church in a wagon.  Us kids would lay down in the back and sleep on the way home.  Hamiltonian Buggy Horses, we had, and a two-seated buggy called a hack.  It had a snap on top, and you would put what they call a wardrobe on your lap and you were  ready to go anywhere.  We’d put the curtains up and go in the rain.

We attended the Baptist Church.  We went everywhere by horse and buggy or a wagon and a team.  My mom baked fresh cornbread or biscuits for every meal.  My dad wore overalls, and mother wore print dresses.  My dad liked to read the local newspaper.  Mother was not able to read.  “When frustrated, my dad always used the word, ‘ Dadcham’ and mother said ‘Oh Lordy Lordy, Lord have mercy!”

John , Etta Mae, and Lottie Courtney




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