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Family only photo sharing

The material contained in this Website is protected by copyright.
The photos, documents, and any information on this website is expressly for the descendants of  Lazarus Nathaniel Hawkins,  Rachael Mc Farland Hawkins, Lidia Johnson (Brooks)  Courtney and Samuel Courtney, Johann Glaesman, Maria Friesen Glaesman.  Gottfried Berg and Eliesabeth Schritt Berg. These descendants are ENCOURAGED to share, download, and print any page, photo or text that relates to their family line.  
No permission is granted or implied for it’s reproduction except for family members.
Links are provided solely for the convience of the user and are governed by their respective Websites.

Commercial use is strictly prohibited.


Welcome to A Walk in Time!

I am so glad that you are here and I hope that you will enjoy your time on my website.  I am doing my best to make an accurate account of our family history and will be adding things regularly until I have exhausted all of my sources.  You are encouraged to contribute and correct if you desire to do so.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Ya’ll come back now.  And don’t take no wooden nickles.  😉