Pete and Katie’s 50th Anniversary

The following is the Story of Pete and Katie that was read at their 50th Anniversary in 1959.

Our story begins in South Russia where Gotfried and Elizabeth Berg were living, when on June 15, 1886 their home was blessed with a son whom they called Peter.  In 1892 they immigrated to America, with five sons, , to find freedom of relitiona nd a peaceful nation.

They settled at Peabody Kansas, after a year, they moved to Oklahoma where they homesteaded 160 acres of land 6 miles north of Corn.

In the meantime John and Marie Glaesman were living at Kouban, South Russia, when on March 21, 1891 their home was blessed with a daughter whom they named Katherine.  She was one of four children when in 1901 they immigrated to America seeking religious freedom and a peaceful world.

Settling in Oklahoma near Fairview , in a short time they moved to Corn and after 5 years they moved back to Fairview.   During Katharine’s (or “Katy”  as her friends called her) girlhood, always enjoyed taking care of children, where ever there were small children, you will always find Katy.

She was 14 years old when she accepted the Lord as her Savior and through the years enjoyed reading the bible and taught the children about the Lord from infancy on.

Sh was baptized when 17 years old by elder martin Just at Fairview and she became a member of the Mennonite church.

Katie longed to attend Tabor College and was working to earn enough money.  A singing convention was held at Corn.  Katie and her friends attended.  The friends she was with visited in the home of Gotfried Berg.   This was the first meeting of Pete and Katie.  He says to himself; that freckled faced girl holds no interest for me.  While Katie is thinking the same thing about the freckled faced boy she is introduced to.  Katie and her friends returned to Fairview.

As Pete and his brothers grew up in a Christian home, they were made conscious of their need of a Savior.  Pete accepted the Lord at an early age and was baptized in 1898 by the elder Isaac Harms at Corn Oklahoma and became a member of the M.B. Church.

Two years passed by after Pete and Katie’sfirst meeting, when Pete went to visit  his brother John and his wife at Fairview. There he found they were good friends to Katie and they met for the second time.  Pete found that Katie had grown into a nice woman and didn’t even notice the few remaining freckles.  Katie found that Pete had grown into a handsome young man.  This was in the spring and during the summer they corresponded and then in the fall, Pete asked Katie to be his bride and on Dec, 5 1909 in Fairview in the M.B. Church Rev. M.M. Just performed the marriage vows.  This happened to be during the rainy season and only a few people were able to attend the Sunday the wedding was announced and the road were still so bad on their wedding day that only a few were able to attend their wedding.

Because of Pete’s mother being ill, they took the train back to Corn.

Pete had a home ready for his bride and was proud to show his farm to her also the 3 work horses, 2 colts, 3 cows and 2 sows with pigs, and was proud to give her a ride in his new top buggy.

Since this place was rented, after a year, they bought 80 acres of land.  It was here their

first son was born.  The Lord saw fit to take him when the baby was only 17 days old.  A year later another son was born whom they named John.

After 3 years of crop failure because of the draought, they lost the 80 acres.   In the fall of 1913 they moved to Canada, and remained there only a year, but during this year their first daughter, Marie, was born.  They moved back to Corn and rented Pete’s folks farm.  During the 12 years on the place, 2 sons and 3 daughters were born.  Katie lost her mother in 1915.

In the fall of 1926 they decided to move to Friona Texas.  Here they farmed for 10 years.  During this time another son and daughter were born.

In 1935 they went to Enid Okla. to help Pete’s folks celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

In 1936 after losing everything because of drought and sand storms, the decided to move to Premont Texas.  During the years at Friona not having a Mennonite church, to attend, they attended the Assembly of God Church.  Several of the children accepted the Lord as their Savior here.

During the summer when they were living at Premont, they were favored by with a visit from Katie’s brother Henry from San Diego, Calif.

Katie decided to return with him to visit his folks at Reedley Calif.  After a few weeks Pete decided to join Katie at Reedley because he could not  support his family with a wage of 10 cents per hour.  John  and Marie having married and established homes of their own,  remained in Texas.  Pete lost his father September 4, 1938 at the age of 88.  In the fall of 1942 they bought a farm by Kingsburg and moved out with the remaining 5 children, the others having married and established homes of their own.

In 1943 Katie’s step mother died at the age of 91 and in 1946 Pete’s mother died at the age of 95.

During the 13 years on the farm, the rest of the children married.  It was while they were here that Katie suffered a stroke which impaired  her speech.

In 1955 they decided to retire and move to Reedley.  In 1956 Katie’s father died at the age of 89.  During the years they have acquired 4 sons, 5 daughters, 4 daughters in law, 5 sons in law, 30 grand children, and 8 great grand children.


Sandra Page Ogden:  ” I remember all the grandchildren had a song to sing or a poem or verse to say.”

Sharon Capers memories of the event:  “Grandma requested me to sing a song for her. It was a gospel song called “Supper Time. It was about when God calls us to his home for supper time.
That year we had a musical program at school and my class performed but I had never sung in front of as many adults as there were at the reunion. I was a bit scared but managed to make it through the song without forgetting any of the words.”

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