Berg Courtney, Leona Darlene

Leona going into the sodie.

In 1916 Katharina and Peter Berg were awaiting the birth of their 4th child when on August 22 she finally arrived! Leona was born in the town of Corn,  Oklahoma.  The birth was recorded later in Cordell, Oklahoma.  This is in Washita County.

Gottfried and Elizabeth Berg’s house in Corn, Oklahoma, where Leona was born.

Leona was named Ruby for the first year of her life, according to Leona.  She said after that she was called Leona.  When she was born she had only a middle initial and she got to choose her own middle name.  She chose the middle name Darlene.


Leona grew to be 5′ 4 and 1/2″ tall, was right handed and had hazel colored eyes.  As a child she spoke German but also learned English in school. 

As a child she was raised as a Mennonite and as an adult she went to the Full Gospel Tabernacle Assemblies of God Church in Reedley. ” We would dress up in our Sunday best.  Mother was a wonderful seamstress.”

She remembers her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Fred as being special to her, as well as Uncle Jake and Aunt Kathryn.

Leona was a Republican, worked on the farm and in a winery in the bottling room.

Below you will find many stories Leona wrote.  She called  one of them “My Reflections” and other stories called “My life as a Freckle Faced Farm Girl” as well as letters of her childhood memories to her great grand children.


Leona at the Bible College in Oklahoma

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