The Story of Gottfried and Eliesabeth Berg

Peter W Berg's parents Gottfried and Elizabeth
Gottfried Berg and Eliesabeth Schritt Berg  approx. 1890’s.
Gottfried and Elizabeth and their five sons: John, Fred, Peter, Jacob and Henry About 1895,


Gottfried and Elizabeth
Peter W Berg in the middle on the left below, Gottfried and Elizabeth at the head of the table.  About 1910.

History of Gottfried Berg and Eliesabeth Schritt

           On October 10, 1875, when he was 25 years old, in Marienau Germany Gottfried Berg married Eliesabeth Schritt who was born in Ruekenau Danzig Tiegenhof W. Prussia on July 21, 1851.   They made their first home in Karpst, Elbing Prussia until 1877.  Then they moved to Russia, however because they had joined in a group, the money ran out and they had to stay in Poland.  Two years later, once they had earned enough money, they continued on to Russia.  They reached their final destination in 1879.  It was here among relatives who were religious baptist brethren, true believers; they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and became Christians.

“This became our lot because of the wonderful Grace of our Lord.” –Gottfried

They were baptized upon confession of faith and the Lord so directed that they unite with a Mennonite Brethren Church in the year of 1880.

“Together we worked with the Vollige Church by helping them and caring for them.”

Gottfried and Eliesabeth’s children, John and Frank were born in Miteilton, Russia, Peter and Jacob were born in Farbenland (Fuerstenland ) South Russia.  Henry (Heinrich) was born in Causin (Cousin) County, Wizitjenskar, Russia.

Many people were immigrating to Canada, Mexico and America seeking religious freedom and a peaceful nation.  In 1892 Gottfried, Eliesabeth, and their 5 sons set sail for America from the Port of Hamburg aboard a ship named “The Gellert”.  The ship was 375 feet long, 40 feet wide and carried 990 passengers.  Their tickets were steerage class, meaning the cheapest tickets available.  They arrived in New York 13 days later.

The Berg family was processed through Ellis Island New York.  From New York they went to Kansas and then to Oklahoma.

Quote from Gottfried’s notes:

“In 1892 we left our country for America.  We landed in Kansas in the month of July and lived there one year.  In 1893 we moved to Oklahoma, lived in Washita County.  Here, we homesteaded.  The first years were difficult as pioneers.  In summer we went back to Kansas to work in the harvest.  We joined the church in our home community.

On our way back from Kansas, we were hit by lightening on the way, this happened near Kingfisher, Okla.  I was hurt badly, also Bertha Arno.  L. Reimer was killed and this was a great shock to all of us.

The Lord blessed us so that in 1910 we could make a trip back to Germany where we had relatives from both sides of our family.  After 6 months in Germany, the Lord protected us on our journey home in 1911 we were safe at home in Corn, Oklahoma.  Here at the Corn M.B. Church we accepted the job as janitors.  We were blessed to do this work for 17 years.  In 1929 we moved to Enid, Oklahoma.

The lord blessed us with 17 children.  Eleven of these children passed away.”

                                                         Born             Died                                         Age                                      

Gottfried Berg             6/15/1850          9/3/1938                                    88         Eliesabeth Berg           7/21/1851                                                                   95

Gottfried and Elizabeth’s children were:

Herman                            Unknown                                                        Corn, Ok

Twin Sons                                                                                                   2 years old

John                                                                                                              88/89

Fred                                                                                                                 92

Peter W.                             6/15/1886                  8/22/1973         87

Jacob                                      1/6/1888                   8/15/1981        93

Henry                                                                                                               65


From Gottfried and Elizabeth’s 60th wedding anniversary
From Gottfried and Elizabeth’s 60th wedding anniversary
From Gottfried and Elizabeth’s 60th wedding anniversary

Fred Berg

Gottfried and Elizabeth’s son Fred Berg. He worked at a newspaper.

Gottfried and Elizabeth’s son Fred had two daughters named Anna and Martha.  They came to visit my grandma and were very interesting ladies.  Anna was reserved and Martha was very outgoing.  Martha wanted to go everywhere and see everything and had a list of where she wanted to go and we did our best to take her!   She lived in Mount Pleasant Arkansas and had a Christian paper that she published.  They were fun to be around and my grandma Leona adored them.

Jacob Berg
Jacob Berg, son of Gottfried and Elizabeth, brother to Peter W. Berg
The adults in the front row are Jacob and Marie Berg
Marie and Jacob Berg and their children.

Jacob married a lady named Marie and they had children but I don’t know their names.

Marie passed away, and later in life Jacob married a lady named Katherine but they had no children.  Katherine  had been a missionary in Africa and was a very sweet lady who left my grandma Leona,  everything in their house (after Jake’s kids chose what they wanted).  It was right after I got married and my grandma let me come and choose some things for my home which I still use today.  I have some baking pans and bowls from Aunt Katherine and I cherish them.

Katherine was really a funny lady.  I remember shortly before Jake passed, he was pretty old, like in his 80’s, and we were in my grandma’s back yard and my uncle John had left his “weights”  (two coffee cans filled with cement connected by a pipe) in the yard, and we were walking back to the house and Katherine asked Jake “Can you pick that up?”  He just pushed it with his toe, never taking his hands out of his pockets, shook his head no and kept walking.  She reached down, picked it up and held it over her head, and said, “It’s nothing!”  with a big smile.



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