Jones, Steven

Steven Jones—> Lenora Berg Jones—->Katherine Glaesman Berg—>Maria Friesen Glaesman and Johann Glaesman

Steven Jones—> Lenora Berg Jones—>Peter Berg—->Gottfried  Berg and Eliesebeth Schritt Berg

Karin Courtney, Charlotte Cornelsen, Steve Jones

I,  Steve Jones was born 1955 in Kennewick WA, the third of four children born of the union of Lenora Berg and Dewey Jones. I have many fond memories visiting aunts and uncles as both mom and dad had a strong sense of family staying connected. I learned to prune and graft trees on Gordon’s farm along with becoming an excellent shot in the eucalyptus grove.

My first business was a tree service. And shooting became a lifelong hobby. I grew up developmentally slow graduating from high school barely able to read, write or do arithmetic. Love of hard work and good work ethics instilled by my parents got me by until I became disabled in 1985.

College entrance exams put me into the 87th percentile, functionally illiterate. Through will and determination I learned to read with enough compression to study law and became proficient as a paralegal. The need for this education came from me being a wild child who did not want to conform to society norms. I lost ten years of my life in smoking more pot than any one should and was a daily pass out drunk. Family and good friends never gave up on me and I learned to like myself and lived the next fourteen years clean and sober. The years after fighting down my demons have only gotten better.

In 1985 my son Allen Preston Toler was born which insured my studying law for the next 30 years. Child support is ruthless on the self-employed especially when you don’t conform to society norms. As a disabled man, I taught myself silversmithing and traveled around to arts and crafts shows until I took care of dad before he died. A few years later I started taking care of mom when she had a stroke. For the next 11 years I provided her care until she passed.

The things I love most:  Good conversation, working with homeless kids and young adults, making art in silver, glass and wood, traveling, selling my art,  fast cars, dancing and wild women. For those that read this I have learned some simple truths. You get out of life what you put into it. Your choices control your destiny so think it over first. Quality in life is less about what happens to you and more how you react to it.

In retrospect, I would set better boundaries, forgive faster, and choose to be happy more often. At age 62 I don’t wanna grow up I’m a toy’s r us kid. The wild child never left me I just learned moderation. With my health failing me I won’t play it safe but continue to gamble, living life to its fullest riding the wind. It is my hope the day I no longer land on my feet, I made amends where needed learned from my shortcomings and corrected what I could.

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