Berg Capers, Ruby Lea

Ruby Berg at school.

When Ruby Lea Berg was born on November 6, 1921, in Corn, Oklahoma, her father, Peter, was 35, and her mother, Katharina, was 30.

Ruby Lea Berg Capers, Leona Berg Couteny, and one of the “Balzer girls”.
Leona Berg, Ruby Berg
Ruby Lea Berg Capers
Fred, Evelyn and Ruby Berg, 1930’s
Leona and Ruby Berg
Ruby Lea Berg and Oscar F. Capers Wedding Day

Ruby married Oscar Capers on Wednesday August 18, 1943, in California.

Memories shared by Ruby and Oscar’s daughter Sharon:

“…she and daddy got married on August 18 that year. If I remember correctly, Aunt Evelyn was either her maid of honor or matron of honor. Daddy was pastor of a church in Fallbrook,  CA  and momma became a pastor’s wife. They moved to Oceanside,  CA and founded a church there which is still an active church today. They also founded a church in Temple, TX which is still active, too. I was born in Oceanside and so was my brother James.”

Ruby Berg Capers 1943
Ruby Berg Capers
Oscar and Ruby Capers ministering
Ruby Capers, Eliesabeth Schritt Berg, Oscar F. Capers
The Capers Family
Steven and Ruby Berg Capers
Ruby Lea Berg Capers, Leona Berg Courtney, Mary Capers
Ruby Lea Berg Capers, Leona Berg Corutney, Sharon Capers

Ruby worked at the Post Office in Houston Texas until she retired.

Ruby, Lenora, Leona, Fred, Harold, Evelyn Berg
Lenora, Ruby, Leona, Fred, Harold, Evelyn Berg

Oscar Capers, Ruby Lea Berg Capers, Leona Berg Courtney, Gordon CourtneyRuby had five brothers and four sisters.

LeRoy, Evelyn, Harold, Ruby Lea, Fred, Lenora

Lenora Berg Jones, Fred Berg, LeRoy Berg, Ruby Berg Capers, Leona Berg Courtney
LeRoy, Leona, Ruby Lea, Lenora Berg Jones
Lenora Patzkowsky Berg, Marie Berg Haws, Ruby Lea Capers, Wes Haws, Gail Berg, Leona Berg Courtney, Gordon Courtney, Karin Courtney, I don’t know the lady in the middle, Bottom row: LeRoy Berg, Evelyn Berg Nugen, Fred Berg, Lenora Berg Jones.
LeRoy, Fred, Jim Nugen, Evelyn, Wes, Ruby, Lenora, Gail, Marie
LeRoy Berg, Fred Berg, Jim Nugen, Evelyn Berg Nugen, Wes Haws, Ruby Berg Caprers, Lenora Patzkowsky Berg, Gail Berg, Marie Berg Haws.

Ruby Berg Capers and Marie Berg Haws

Ruby Lea Berg Capers
Leona and her sisters, Lenora and Ruby
Leona and Gordon’s son Gary, Ruby Lea Berg Capers, Fred Berg

Oscar and Ruby had five children during their marriage, James Aaron, Sharon Lea, David, Stephen Andrew and Mary Esther.

Mary Capers Merth, David Merth, Ruby Berg Capers
Mary Capers Merth, her daughter Carrie, Ruby Berg Capers, Mary’s other daughter Katie in the back, and Sharon Capers.
Ruby, Mary, Carrie, Sharon, and Katie
Mary, Stephen Capers, and Ruby.
Carrie, Ruby, Mary and Katie
Ruby’s birthday
Ruby and her great grand babies.
Ruby and Jonathan her grandson
Ruby’s 92nd birthday
Ruby Berg Capers Christmas 2014 93 years of age
Ruby, 2015


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