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I thought it would be a good idea to put together all of the family info I have accumulated over the years, in one place that all family members could access it. If I have some fact wrong, and you would like me to change it, please contact me. If you have photos, stories, or documents that would add to the history here, please email it to me at: I hope you enjoy your walk in time.

Family Reunion is coming up fast!

Are you ready for the family reunion this June 23rd 2018?  Hope to see you there.  We have a pretty nice list of family who are hoping to attend.  I would like a count of children, I wanted to provide some fun for them too.  Can you all let me know if there will be any children in attendance and their ages?  It would be very helpful.  Thanks!



Can’t disable the site

Well, I tried to disable the site, set it to private, etc… but to go “under constrution” seems to be a pay feature and the setting it to private didn’t work, so you are stuck with me working on the site.  I did disconnect the facebook feature, so the only way you will get posts is by subscription.  You can unsubscribe if you get all the correction posts.   😦    I’ll just be here, working away…

Family Reunion

I am organizing  a family reunion for the Berg/Glaesman Families.  The date has been set for June 23rd, 2018.  This will give those traveling from out of town over a year to plan and save for their trip.

The reunion will be held in Reedley California at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church at 519 11th Street, Reedley.  There are kitchen facilities, a small park area for little ones, and a basketball court.  This is an air conditioned  building with tables and chairs available.  A donation jar will be available the day of the event to help the church with costs.

I am working on trying to get as much of the pictures I have uploaded by then and hope that everyone who has input for our family history website will submit it and any photos you are willing to share, at juliecornelsen@comcast or my facebook page.  If you prefer snail mail, my address is 1017 N. East, Reedley, CA  93654

I do not have contact with many family members, so please please share this information with all family you have contact with.


Welcome to A Walk in Time!

I am so glad that you are here and I hope that you will enjoy your time on my website.  I am doing my best to make an accurate account of our family history and will be adding things regularly until I have exhausted all of my sources.  You are encouraged to contribute and correct if you desire to do so.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Ya’ll come back now.  And don’t take no wooden nickles.  😉